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SWTOR Slots. The augment slots are where you can add/fix your augments to your item. All the items do not have augment slots, so you cannot place any augments to increase their stats. Slots in ...

A look at the Augment Kits and Slots in 1.3 - Dulfy A look at the Augment Kits and Slots in 1.3 Dulfy 96 Comments Jun 6, 2012 Hey everyone, I am sure you all know by now that there is a new way to add augment slots to gear in 1.3. SWTOR 1.3 Augmentation Kit Guide - YouTube Here is my guide on making augment kits. The other guide someone made was 14 min long... REALLY? BOOM this is straight to the point and under 5 min! I show you how to get the components, and who ... Augmentation Kit MK-1 - Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki The schematic used to create Augmentation Kit MK-1 can be obtained from Armormech, Armstech, and Synthweaving Crew Skill trainers once a character has attained a rating of 1 or more in any of the three Crew Skills. Primary articles: Armormech/Trainers, Armstech/Trainers, Synthweaving/Trainers

An augment is an item modification and can be applied to an augment slot. Augments can be crafted by the Armormech , Armstech , and Synthweaving Crew Skills . Contents

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It is said that Swtor 5.2 will release on early April with new gear, and the 250% cxp boost will end at that time. So it is very necessary to take a sneak peek of changes in Swtor 5.2, and fully prepare for Swtor 5.2 release in advance.

SWTOR Augment Slot Guide – Star Wars Gaming news This Augment Slot guide will show you how to acquire Augmentation Kits, so you can upgrade your character’s gear. Understanding Augments. Augments increase the stats of your character to maximize your gear. You can get Augments by using the “slicing crew skill” or you can buy them at the Galactic Trade Network. Swtor Augment Slot Upgrade - martinval.com Character Creation Prefab, War Supplies, & Dark Project CraftingGunnery (DPS) Immortal (Tank)SWTOR Augment Slot Guide - SWTOR StrategiesSo I was wondering if you could keep upgrading your first lightsaber that you receive so .. Augment slots can only be added at the workbench. Update Previews; Augmentations are an additional slot you can put on ...

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MK-10 Augment Kit Market Analysis swtoreconomics / February 8, 2015 I have commented with some frequency in my GTN Alert videos about the theme across servers that MK-10 Augment Components are more expensive than MK-10 Augment Kits since you need 10 of the former to craft the latter. All Augment SWTOR Items - SWTOR Database - Item Database ... List of all Augment type items from our SWTOR Database. You can pick the best items for your character from here. SWTOR Gear & Stats Guide - Swtorista SWTOR Gear & Stats Guide Swtorista | March 1, 2017. Gearing up is how you make your character stronger in battle. If you’re planning on fighting tough foes in Master Mode Flashpoints and Operations, you’ll need better gear than what you’ve picked up while levelling.

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What is the easiest way to get level 70 gear in SWTOR? What is the easiest way to get level 70 gear in SWTOR? Swtorista | June 27, 2018. ... Pull out the mods from any duplicate gear pieces you get and place them in your other pieces of gear to upgrade them. ... If you’re looking to augment up your gear, I suggest buying a total of 14 “45” augments and 14 Augmentation Kit MK-10s. If you’re ...